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Academic and Research Poster Printing

The College of Medicine and College of Health Professions support large format printing for their faculty and students. Request printing services facilitated by Healthcare IT.

Alumni Email Account Request

CMU utilizes Microsoft Office 365 for Alumni email and calendaring

Analog Landline Phone

The traditional (legacy) alternative to VoIP phones. Analog phones are installed in classrooms, business offices, and in all residence hall rooms.

Antivirus Management

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD manages incoming call volume and routes to a fixed group of agents depending on availability and workload.



Blackboard Learn Enhancement and Third-Party Integration Request

Request for a new enhancement or third-party integration to Blackboard Learn, or a change to an existing enhancement/integration.

Blackboard Learn Merged Course Request

Request to create merged course shells in Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learning Management System

Blackboard course shells are created for all courses by default, but do require instructors to make them available to students.

Blackboard Transact General Support

Blackboard Transact General Support is used in conjunction with card readers and registers across campus. This should not be confused with the Blackboard Learn online learning management system, which is a separate service.

Blackboard Transact User Account Request

Requests to unlock an account, create a new account, change an existing account, or deactivate an existing account in Blackboard Transact.


Cable TV

Cable TV service is available in all on-campus residences and some business offices.

Campus Computer Labs

In addition to the Virtual Lab environment and physical machines located throughout Park Library, there are several smaller computer labs available across campus.

Campus Printing (PrintQ)

PrintQ is the campus-wide print management system. All undergraduate and graduate students receive printing allocation as long as they are registered for courses.

CampusNexus CRM New Account or Security Request

Request a new account or security change in CampusNexus CRM (Talisma)

CampusNexus CRM Password Reset

Request a password reset for a CampusNexus CRM (Talisma) account

CampusNexus CRM Technical Support

Request technical assistance with CampusNexus CRM (Talisma)

CBA Communication Request

Request an official communication from CBA to internal or external audiences

CBA Digital Display Content Request

Request content to be displayed on digital signage in Grawn Hall

CBA Graphic Design Request

Graphic design services, including flyers, posters, and logo/branding, for CBA

CBA Photography Request

Request photography services for events

CBA Video Production Request

Requests to record an event or produce a video for promotional or educational purposes

Central Alert Emergency Notification

Central Alert is used to broadcast notifications to thousands of CMU community members (and devices) in the event of an emergency affecting the campus community.

CIS Course Production Support (CoursePro)

CoursePro service is available to support faculty developing or revising online courses with Blackboard-specific production tasks.

CIS Design Production (DesignPro)

Request graphic or presentation design assistance.

Cisco Jabber Instant Messaging

Jabber can be used to exchange instant messages and share screens between users both internal and external to CMU, and also allows for voice or video calling.

Classroom/Audience Response System

The Top Hat Classroom/Audience Response System is a 100% web-based solution that offers professors and presenters the ability to interact with face-to-face and online audience members via web-enabled devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc.). The system is primarily used in course-related scenarios, but can also be used for meetings, special events, and more. Additionally, the system offers the ability to author, adopt, and assign interactive electronic textbooks, course notes, question packs, slide decks, handouts, and other Open Educational Resources (OER) to students. Please, complete this form and provide as much information as possible regarding your interest in using the system as part of a course or in a general audience environment. For example: course or event name, term or date of event, estimated number of students or audience members, if you require training, special needs, etc.

CMU Blogs

CMU Blogs-related requests. Get help with an existing blog or request a new one.

CMU Device Problem

Do you need help? Request help with (or report problems about) CMU equipment here. These requests will be routed directly to the assigned techs that support your department.

CMU Device Question/Request

Do you have a how-to question or need to request information about a CMU device? Submit questions or requests about CMU equipment here. These requests will be routed directly to the assigned techs that support your department.

CMU Partners Administrative Applications

Applications and technologies supporting the efficient operation of the CMU Partners business functions.

CMU System or Process Training

OIT can facilitate access to training on various technology-related processes and systems.

CMU Web Applications Question or Request

Intended for changes to access permissions, configuration or site text in CMU developed and hosted custom web applications - for example Course Search & Registration, Degree Progress, and Personnel Transactions.

CMU Web Applications Technical Assistance

Intended for reporting when a CMU developed and hosted custom applications is no longer fully functioning - for example Course Search & Registration, Degree Progress, and Personal Transactions.

Computer Purchase Program

Use CMU's purchasing power to your advantage!

Computer Repair

Personal computer repair services are available to all faculty, staff, and students. Labor and part fees apply, and are charged to CMU accounts. Expedited priority service available.

Configuration Management


CONNECT Billing Inquiry

Submit inquiries regarding billing for CONNECT cellular services.

CONNECT Device Recycle Request

Unused devices can be recycled through CONNECT CMU. Select devices are eligible for a credit. Applicable credits will be applied to your university account.

CONNECT Rental Device Request

Request to rent a device from CONNECT

CONNECT Service and Device Eligibility and Pricing

CONNECT CMU provides discounted rates for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon cellular services.

Course Media Production

Request assistance and/or studio time from CIS’s Creative Media Production staff to help you create multiple digital lectures for your course.

Creative/Promo Video Production

Request assistance with audio/video production services.


Degree Progress Admin New Account or Security Change Request

The Degree Progress application, formerly known as Advising Workbench, is used by students and advisors primarily to track academic progress.

Departmental File Storage (CAB)

Commonly referred to as a “CAB share” or “department share,” CAB storage is network-based storage hosted and managed by CMU. They are traditional “fileshares” and are usually granted to offices or departments, with access locked down only for departmental use.

Development and Fundraising

Advancement staff work with College Development Officers and help maintain relations with CMU Alumni.

Digital (VoIP) Landline Phone

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service is a replacement for legacy (analog) telephone service.

Digital Signage Content Request

Digital Signage is available in many locations across main campus and beyond. Slideshows vary across locations, but all provide useful information to their audiences.

Digital Signage Installation Request

Request a Yodeck sign as new hardware or replacement of existing digital signage hardware


eCovenant Technical Support

Request support from Covenant Healthcare's Information Technology and Health Information Management teams. Requests include billing and revenue questions, patient chart adjustments, documentation and scanning corrections, etc. Requests may contain ePHI (HIPAA data).

Email and Calendaring Assistance

CMU utilizes Microsoft Office 365 for all faculty, staff, and student email and calendaring.

Email Spam Identification and Filtering

CMU employs Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for protecting your email from Spam, Viruses and Phishing attempts.

EMR Configuration Change/Project Request

Request an adjustment or enhancement to a clinical system used by CMU's patient care delivery teams. Requests may contain ePHI (HIPAA data).

EMR Custom Report Request

Request a custom report from Epic Electronic Medical Record

EMR Security Change Request

Request an add, change, or removal of access for Epic or other clinical software. Users with access to these systems will require HIPAA training to view ePHI.

EMR Training Request

Request training on clinical software or hardware that may have access to ePHI (HIPAA data). Training will be provided by Healthcare IT staff, or in partnership with eCovenant or our other clinical IT partners.

Event Recording and Live Streaming

Record event audio and video and offer live streaming from a departmental website.

Exception or Other Account

Requests for account creation for visiting scholars, vendors, or guests (when normal Guest Accounts will not suffice) must be submitted to the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662.

Exception or Vendor Email New Account or Change Request

Exception or Vendor email accounts can be created upon request when normal guest accounts will not suffice.


General Technical Support / Request

Not finding the specific service you are looking for? Request information or assistance here and the Help Desk will do its best to help you out (or point you in the right direction). Please note, you can expect faster turnaround if you request assistance through the other, more specific service catalog entries.

Global ID Account

Your Global ID is the username that you will use for most core CMU campus systems.

Global ID Account Security Protection and Deactivations

OIT has a number of security measures in place to help protect the account information of all faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Deactivating account access is one potential outcome if suspicious activity has been detected.


Healthcare Device/Software Incident

Request technical support for malfunctioning clinical software or hardware. Devices in this category may come into contact with ePHI (HIPAA data).

Healthcare Marketing and Communications Requests

Request service or consultation from the Health and Medicine Marketing and Communications leads in partnership with Healthcare IT.

Help Desk Guest Account

A Guest Account can be assigned to short term visitors, conference attendees, collaborators, and colleagues at other institutions who visit CMU and require temporary access to technology resources.


Knowledge Base and Self-Help Resources

Self-help resources are available at


Lecture Capture using Chipcast/Panopto

Lecture capture and the Chipcast service are powered by Panopto.

Library Services, Resources, and Systems

Request assistance with a variety of Library services and resources.

Listserv List Request

Request new Listserv Lists.


Media Duplication and Conversion

Convert content stored on legacy media into a format suitable to post on Blackboard.

Mediated Room Technical Support

The Help Desk provides dedicated mediated room support and may dispatch technicians for on-site assistance.

Mobile Device Repair

A variety of repair options are provided that cover phones, tablets, and e-readers.


Network Guest Self-Registration Account

Guests may obtain network access by providing the necessary information.

New CONNECT Service or Device Request

Request service as a new customer or a new device as an existing customer.

New or Updated Mediation Request

Media Services will provide consultation services to better understand new installation or upgrade requests related to the mediation of classrooms or other spaces.


Office 365 Group Request

Office 365 groups allow collaboration with a collection of people utilizing many of the applications available in Office 365.

Office 365 Tools

Office 365 is a service that offers access to the most recent web version of Microsoft Office, as well as other Microsoft applications.

OneDrive File Storage

Every student and employee at CMU has access to a terabyte of cloud-based storage through OneDrive for Business. OneDrive can be access through any web browser from any computer or through a sync client that can be used to automatically sync a location on your computer—much like many people are accustomed to doing already through Dropbox or Google Drive. If you're looking for an easy way to collaborate with your peers and colleagues, OneDrive is probably a great fit for you.

Online Accessibility Compliance

Report a web accessibility issue.

On-site Event Technical Support Request

Request on-site technical assistance for special events. These requests will be routed directly to the assigned techs that support your department.

Other Department-specific Requests

Not finding what you need in this section? Consider this the "catch-all" spot to submit your miscellaneous requests to be routed directly to the assigned techs that support your department.

Other EMR Technical Request

If your need is not defined above, use this form to request other clinical support assistance from Healthcare IT. Requests may contain ePHI (HIPAA data).

Other Specialized Academic-related Applications or Requests

Many departments rely on specific and/or unique software and hardware to support the academic needs of each area. Consider this the "catch-all" spot to submit miscellaneous requests related to academic applications.

Other Specialized Department-specific Applications or Requests

Many departments rely on specific and/or unique software and hardware to conduct regular business. Consider this the "catch-all" spot to submit miscellaneous requests related to department-specific or enterprise applications.


Perceptive Content Access Removal

Request the removal of permissions from a Perceptive Content/ImageNow account

Perceptive Content New Account or Security Change Request

Request access to the Content/ImageNow system and/or existing drawer implementations

Perceptive Content System

Request technical assistance with Perceptive Content/ImageNow

Personal Device Problem

Do you need help? Is your computer or mobile device just not working correctly? Submit a request for help here!

Personal Device Question/Request

Do you have a how-to question or need to request information about your personal device? Submit it here!

Physical Security

Cameras, alarm panels, and access control help provide Physical Security and protect members of the CMU community and CMU assets.

Physical Server Hosting and Maintenance

ProSAM Technical Support

Technical assistance with ProSAM

ProSAM User Access Request

Request access to ProSAM for managing financial aid


Reporting and Data Services (Data Warehouse)

The Data Warehouse extracts and marshals data from various source systems including SLCM, FI, and HR.

Research IT Support

Request assistance with IT-related compliance for research, grants, and contracts.

Residential Housing

Faculty, staff, and students utilize the residential housing application to apply to live on campus, set lifestyle preferences, and choose accommodations.

Residential Services (ResNet)

Malware removal, network connectivity assistance, and operating system security services are provided to on-campus residents at no charge.

Resource Room Calendar New Account or Change Request

Office 365 has mailboxes specially tailored for rooms and equipment so that these resources can be scheduled for use in the Calendar.


SAP Applications General Questions and Requests

General questions about SAP, how-to, or request something new to be added to SAP like reports or codes.

SAP Applications Technical Assistance

If you are experiencing an error message or application functionality is not working as expected request this service for troubleshooting.

SAP New Account or Security Change Request

Request Access to SAP. SAP accounts and changes in access must be requested and are subject to supervisor approval.

SAP Password Reset

Request this service if your account is locked in SAP or require a new password.

SAP Security General Questions and Requests

Any questions regarding SAP Security Access or how SAP Authorizations work submit your request here.

SAP Security Technical Assistance

SAP Security Incidents: Common issues like my access has changed, lost access, favorites have changed, or other SAP security related issues/concerns.

Scantron Test Scoring Services

Test and survey scanning services are available at the Help Desk and in most cases handled while you wait.

Secure Computing Environment

Virtualized desktop environment intended for researchers is available at monthly or annual rates.

Secure Workstation Policy Exception Request

Need an exception to one or more security controls? Start here, and your request will be routed directly to the assigned techs that support your department for review.

Server Backup and Data Recovery Services

Shared Departmental (Logon-by/Group) New Email Account or Change Request

Shared email accounts, also known as logon-by accounts, allow for several people to access, and send email on-behalf of said account.

Shared Video Archive

Centralized video sharing services.

SharePoint Team Sites

SharePoint provides users the tools to be more productive through tight integration with other major Microsoft Office products.

Skype for Business Instant Messaging

Skype for Business offers enhanced messaging abilities and interfaces with other campus systems, including Office 365 email calendaring.

Software Distribution

Software Center

Software Installation Request

Need software installed? Review your options and request assistance here. These requests will be routed directly to the assigned techs that support your department.

Software Licensing

Generally, most software licensing occurs at the institutional level. Common license requests relate to Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Qualtrics Survey Software, and various statistical software packages.

Software-based Training

OIT offers access to software-based training through Microsoft's IT Academy and may assist in securing additional training resources online.

Specialized Academic Applications or Requests

Supporting the delivery of education to future health professionals and physicians requires many unique technologies including clinical recording, clinical evaluations, and virtual patient simulators.

Specialized Administrative and Clinical Applications or Requests

Many unique IT applications, services, and partnerships are established to support administrative and clinical operations for CMU and CMU Partners.

Specialty Virtual Desktop Request

Provides users remote access to a full CMU Windows desktop from anywhere and any device.

SPSS Authorization Code and Software Request

Students currently enrolled in active courses and current employees can request to install and run SPSS on their personal devices at no cost.

SuccessFactors LMS Access Request

Request access to the SuccessFactors LMS.

SuccessFactors LMS Additional Access Change Request

Request changes to a user's privileges in SuccessFactors LMS

SuccessFactors LMS Onboarding Request

Request onboarding to manage and deliver non-academic training via SuccessFactors LMS

SuccessFactors LMS Technical Assistance

Request technical assistance with SuccessFactors LMS

Syllabus Creation and Management

Standardized syllabus creation and management involves the use of the Syllabus Build Tool, also known as the SBT.


TeamDynamix Access Request

Request a license to access a TeamDynamix ticketing application or project management functionality.

TeamDynamix IT Service Management (ITSM) Support

Request assistance with the TeamDynamix ITSM system.

TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Support

Request assistance with the TeamDynamix PPM system.

Technology Acquisitions

Technology acquisition information and request form.

Telecom Service Add, Move, or Information Update Request

Also referred to as telephone move, add, or change (MAC) requests.

Timelink Approver Access Request

Timelink approver access request form.

Timelink System

Timelink is the university's time and attendance system.


UDrive File Storage


Virtual Lab Software Request

Software requests for Virtual Lab.

Virtual Lab Technical Support

Technical support for Virtual Lab.

Virtual Server Hosting and Maintenance


The voicemail system can be accessed by dialing (989) 774-7000.


Wait List Admin New Account or Security Change Request

The Wait List Administration application allows faculty and staff to enable wait list functionality for individual courses, view students on an active wait list, and more.


Walkie-Talkie devices are available for departmental use across campus.

Web Content Management Question or Request

Intended for changes in access permissions or site text in CMU Microsoft SharePoint Sites.

Web Content Management Technical Assistance

Intended for reporting when a CMU Microsoft SharePoint Site is no longer fully functioning.

Web Governance

Request a policy decision from the Web Governance team


Technical assistance with Webex, the conferencing solution provided by Cisco

Wired and Wireless Network Problem

Report a problem with CMU's networks, including wired or wireless networking, VPN, DNS, network registration, and VLANs.

Wired and Wireless Network Service Request

Network services including Wired, Wireless, Campus Backbone, DNS, Network Registration, Static IP Addresses, VPN, and VLAN Management.