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Services or Offerings?
Please note that this form is to be used for academic course fees only. Any fee that is not course-related will not be requested using this form. For non-course fee requests, please use the “Non-Course Fee Authorization Form”. When requesting a special course fee, complete the instructions below.

Advancement Communication (Alumni or Donors)

Use this service to order AT&T Cellular service. Bring your own phone or buy a new one.

Blackboard course shells are created for all courses by default, but do require instructors to make them available to students.

Request form to add instructor to Bb course shell ahead of SAP. For use by College Deans, Department Chairs, or Staff & Faculty Resources only.

Cable TV streaming service is available through SpectrumU.

In addition to the Virtual Lab environment and physical machines located throughout Park Library, there are several smaller computer labs available across campus.

Request an official communication from CBA to internal or external audiences

Request content to be displayed on digital signage in Grawn Hall

Graphic design services, including flyers, posters, and logo/branding, for CBA

Request photography services for events

Requests to record an event or produce a video for promotional or educational purposes

Central Alert is used to broadcast notifications to thousands of CMU community members (and devices) in the event of an emergency affecting the campus community.