Secure Computing Environment

General Information

The Secure Computing Environment is a virtualized desktop environment intended for researchers requiring an isolated and secure computing environment. These virtual desktops replace physical servers and desktops secured by locking them in an office. This environment provides flexibility, security, and fault tolerance to meet the needs of researchers at CMU.

Service request should be initiated by local technicians within the college where the researcher resides. Technicians will meet with the researcher to determine the needs of the project and complete the request with a checklist.

Checklist must include:

  • Number of virtual machines needed
  • Technical specifications for each machine
  • Software requirements for each machine
  • User(s) requiring access
  • Data Use Agreement
  • Dates for expiration of Data Use Agreement(s)
  • Date for decommissioning of virtual machine pool


Any CMU faculty or staff member requiring secure computing resources for research purposes.


Pricing for a base machine is $226.58/yr or $18.88/month.

Base VM's include 2 processors, 2GB memory, 100GB system drive and 100GB storage drive. Additional resources are available as needed per project.

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