Email Spam Identification

General Information

CMU employs Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for protecting your email from Spam, Viruses and Phishing attempts. EOP works by scanning and scoring incoming email before it is delivered to your mailbox. Depending on the score, the message may be delievered to your inbox, Junk Email folder, Quarantine or outright rejected.

You can review quarantined messages in two ways. Exchange Online Protection will send out a mail message periodically with a listing of flagged messages. This message will contain links that will let you release the message to your inbox or report it as not junk.

Exchange Online Protection also features a web site that lets you review quarantined messages to make sure no legitimate messages have been flagged as spam. You can also use this interface to identify senders that should not be flagged in the future, if for some reason messages from them have wound up in quarantine.

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All students, prospects, faculty, staff, and alumni with a valid CMich email account.


There is no cost for this service.

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