Exception New Account or Change Request

General Information

Exception accounts can be requested by current CMU employees for external-to-CMU users (users that do not already have an active Global ID account) when normal guest accounts will not suffice. Exception accounts can be used to access CMU systems like Blackboard, and can be requested to include an accompanying cmich.edu email account.

CMU employees requesting an exception account on behalf of an external-to-CMU user should be prepared to provide the following information when submitting a request:

  • Account features required (username and password only or username, password, and email access)
  • Contact information for CMU staff member (e.g. department chair, director, etc.) who will act as approver and sponsor of account request
  • Exception account requestor full name
  • Exception account requestor date of birth
  • Exception account requestor last four digits of Social Security Number
  • Exception account expiration date (how long the account will be needed. Max of 1 year with the ability to extend)

To request a new Exception account, request a change to an existing account, or to report a problem with an existing account, click the Request Assistance button.




There is currently no charge for this service.

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