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 Important note about personal computer repair service 

Due to ongoing unavailability of resources, paired with a significant year-over-year reduction in the utilization of the service, OIT will no longer be providing personal computer repair services to the CMU community. Retiring services is always a difficult decision to make, but it is now used by so few people that it is no longer possible to provide at OIT’s standards for high quality. Fortunately, many computer repair service options are already offered by businesses in the Mt. Pleasant area.

For your convenience, we have collected a list of Mt. Pleasant businesses that perform computer repairs in our Mt. Pleasant Area Personal Computer Repair Options KB article. Please note that we are not directly affiliated with any of these businesses, nor can we explicitly vouch for any individual business’ quality of service. This list is purely intended as reference information.

COVID-19 Reponse

Effective June 15th 2020, Computer Repair will be re-opening for drop-off repairs and remote consultation. Due to the need for social distancing and to protect our students and staff, in-person interactions will be limited to drop-off services only. If you need assistance with a problem that does not require your device to be checked in, please contact the CMU Help Desk at 989-774-3468 so that a technician can assist you remotely.

Please note that due to our limited capacity and shipping delays caused by COVID-19, repairs may take longer than anticipated to complete. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to provide the best possible service under these circumstances.

General Information

Available to all CMU faculty, staff, and students, our team will diagnose and repair all aspects of personal computing for any major computer brand, including system diagnostics, faulty hardware, drop/spill damage, screen repair, data backup and recovery, insurance repair quotes, and even mobile device evaluation and repair. 


Non-Invasive Repair

Repair or replace components that are easily accessible.

  • Memory
  • Wireless / Bluetooth Card
  • Battery
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • Other Field-Replaceable Units

Moderate Repair

Repair or replace components that are not easily accessible. Some disassembly required.

  • Hard Drive
  • Screen
  • Connectors / Cables
  • Trackpad / Keyboard
  • Heat Sink / Cooling Fans
  • Daughterboards

Major Repair

Repair or replace components that require significant time and effort or special tools.

  • Logic Board / Motherboard
  • Chassis / Housings
  • Printers
  • Liquid Spills
  • Accidental Damage
  • Custom Builds


Minor Repair

Technicians will attempt to repair software issues without fully reinstalling the operating system. Certain repair methods like Factory Restores or In-place OS installs can return a machine to a useable state but may cause data loss.

Malware/Virus Cleanup

Clean all infections and verify that OS security patches and Antivirus definitions are up to date. Some infections may require a Base OS Reinstall.

Base OS Reinstall

Fully erase the drive then reinstall the operating system and drivers. 


Personalized Backup

Back up files and folders specified by the customer. This can include music, movies, and other files.

External hard drives are available for purchase at an additional charge.

Complete Backup

The hard drive is taken out and placed in an external drive enclosure. All data is left untouched.

A replacement drive will be recommended.


Bench Fee

We charge a $18 Bench fee for reviewing your technical issue, and providing a diagnosis. Any labor and replacement parts needed to complete the repair will be an additional charge. A technician will contact you to discuss the results of our diagnosis, quote repair options, and suggest a turnaround timeframe.

Labor Fee

A $60 labor fee will be charged for repairs beyond initial diagnosis and troubleshooting. This is a flat rate fee that will cover the labor needed to perform the repair.

Part Costs

Additional costs will be incurred for any repairs requiring replacement parts. In an effort to protect CMU and our customers, PC Repair maintains a list of approved vendors which we order parts from. We do not have the ability to order parts off eBay, or other 3rd-party merchants that have not been approved. Parts provided by the customer will generally not be accepted.


All faculty, staff, and students.

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