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OIT has many expert technology staff that are here to partner with faculty to assist them with their research ideas. Specific information about CMU's IT environment might be necessary in order to fulfill certain requirements when securing grants and contracts, or it might be necessary to engage subject-matter experts from OIT to review and/or sign off on grant or contract terms and conditions, such as data use agreements. This applies to all research and data-intensive or data-based work, including surveys and papers, and private and publicly-available data, in all areas of University scholarship and operations. Click the Request Assistance button to get started and solicit this help from OIT.

OIT can assist with research needs such as:

  • Helping get answers to your technical and security questions before submitting research project to IRB and ORGS
  • Identifying suitable computing infrastructure (computers, storage, network, security, etc.)
  • Identifying suitable analysis or computational software
  • Identifying suitable data collection instruments and survey tools
  • Evaluating and executing data use agreements (DUAs)
  • Identifying programming and database services

Additionally, the university currently has an agreement with Michigan State University‚Äôs Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research for high performance computing.  Information regarding the system can be found at  Click the Request Assistance button and fill out the form noting your interest in using this system.


All current faculty, staff, and students.


There is currently no charge for this service.

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