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NOTE: if requesting assistance with a CMU device, please consider submitting your request using one of the CMU Computer/Device Support services for faster response.

General Information

‚ÄčThe OIT Help Desk is housed in the first floor of Park Library, and is the first point of contact for all technology-related questions and requests, especially in the areas of university-managed technology services, general computing questions, and computer repairs.

The Help Desk provides two stages of support to students, faculty, and staff: an attempt to resolve problems, fulfill requests or answer questions immediately or, if quick resolution is not appropriate or achievable, assignment to a subject matter expert or service owner for in-depth assistance.

Essentially, if you cannot find the specific service you are looking for throughout the rest of the Service Catalog, you can request information or assistance here. However, please note that, because each request for general technical support requires research and potential correspondence for additional details, faster turnaround time can be achieved by browsing the Service Catalog for the most appropriate or specific service that best fits the nature of your request.


All faculty, staff, students, guests, alumni, and any members of the general public seeking help related to technology at CMU are welcomed to contact the Help Desk for technical support and requests.


There is currently no charge for technical support; solution requests may incur a charge.

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