Services A-Z (180)


Adaptive Technology Information Request

Adobe Creative Campus Initiative and Software Support

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Software Collection

Adobe Express Premium Software Collection

Advancement Communication (Alumni or Donors)

Alumni Email Account Request

Antivirus Management

AT&T New Account

Athletics Work Order


Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn: Add Instructor to Course Shell Request

Blackboard Learn: Enhancement and Third-Party Integration Request

Blackboard Learn: Merged Course Request

Blackboard Learn: Modality Change Request


Cable TV

Campus Computer Labs

Campus Printing (PrintQ)

CBA Communication Request

CBA Graphic Design Request

CBA Photography Request

CBA Video Production Request

Central Alert Emergency Notification

Central ID (Mobile Credential)

Change My Plan

CIS Course Production Support (CoursePro)

CIS Design Production (DesignPro)

CIS Media Production (MediaPro)

CMED FSA Re-Credentialing

CMED FSA Create an exception account

CMED FSA Credentialing

CMU Blogs: New Site Request

CMU Custom Web Applications Support

CMU Device Support

CMU Student Opinion Survey (SOS) Technical Support

Computer Purchase Program

Computer Repair Referral

Configuration Management

CONNECT Cellular Billing Inquiry

CONNECT Cellular Cancel my service

CONNECT Cellular General Questions

CONNECT Cellular Rental Device Request

Contact Us

Create a campaign

Create a print publication

Create a recruiting email

Create a social media post

Create an event

Create or update a web page


Departmental File Storage (CAB)

Digital Signage Content Request

Digital Signage Installation Request

DocuSign Access Request

DocuSign General Technical Assistance


eCovenant Technical Support

Email and Calendaring (O365, Outlook)

Email Spam Identification

Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

Esports Support

Exception New Account or Change Request


Faculty/Staff CRM Support

Flexible Worksite Addendum

Flexible Worksite Checklist

Flexible Worksite Request

Fundraiser Performance Management (FPM)




Global ID Account

Global ID Account Security Protection and Deactivations

Guest Account


Health Savings Account (HSA) Certification

Health Savings Account (HSA) Enrollment / Change

Healthcare IT ePHI Support

Healthcare New Employee or Position

Healthcare Non-HIPAA Access Change

Healthcare Separation

Healthcare Student Status Change

HIPAA Workforce Role Change


Integration - Data Services


Knowledge Base and Self-Help Resources


Library Services, Resources, and Systems

Licensed Software Access & Support

Listserv List Request


Makerbot Print Request

Mediated Classroom and HyFlex Support

MESSA Open Enrollment Elections

Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

Microsoft 365: OneDrive


Millennium Access (Add or Remove)

Mobile Application Support

Move Technology

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

My Textbook Menu Button


New Opportunity Request

New or Updated Mediation Request

Non-Academic Training Technical Issues (Vector Solutions \ SuccessFactors LMS)


OIT Student Employment

On-site Event Technical Support Request

Other Department-specific Requests

Other Eligible Individual (OEI) Eligibility

Other Specialized Academic-related Applications or Requests

Other Specialized Department-specific Applications or Requests


Perceptive Content

Perceptive Content Access Removal

Perceptive Content New Account or Security Change Request

Personal Device Support

Phones, Contact Center ACD, and Voicemail

Physical Security

Physical Server Hosting and Maintenance

Project Greenleaf

ProSAM Technical Support

ProSAM User Access Request


Report a Slate Issue

Reporting - Data Services

Request a resend

Request a Slate Service

Request electronic communication (Graphic Design)

Request printed material (Graphic Design)

Research IT Support

Residential Housing

Residential Services (ResNet)

Resource Room Calendar New Account or Change Request

RNL Engage (CampusCall)

RSO Meeting or Event Inquiry


SAP Applications Support

SAP New Account or Security Change Request

SAP Password Reset

SAP Security Support

Secure Computing Environment

Secure Workstation Policy Exception Request

Security Alert / Incident Response

Security Consultation

Server Backup and Data Recovery Services

Shared Departmental (Logon-by/Group) New Email Account or Change Request

SharePoint Team Sites

Software Distribution

Specialized Academic Application Support

Specialized Administrative Application Support

Specialty Virtual Desktop Request

SPSS Authorization Code and Software Request

Student CRM Support

SuccessFactors LMS Access Request

SuccessFactors LMS Additional Access Change Request

SuccessFactors LMS Onboarding Request

Swag design

Syllabus Creation and Management


TeamDynamix Access Request (Add or Remove)

TeamDynamix IT Service Management (ITSM)

Technology Acquisitions

Technology Awareness Training

Telecom Service Add, Move, or Information Update Request

ThankView Video Request

Time Clock Plus

Time Clock Plus Security Requests & Changes

TMobile New Account

Top Hat Classroom/Audience Response System


Transact User Account Request


UDrive File Storage

Upgrade My Device


Verizon New Account

Virtual Lab Technical Support

Virtual Server Hosting and Maintenance


Web Content Management & Environment Support


Wired and Wireless Network Support

Withdrawal Reinstatement