Non-Academic Training Technical Issues (Vector Solutions \ SuccessFactors LMS)

General Information

Central Michigan University has two Non-Academic training systems, Vector Solutions and SuccessFactors LMS.  
Both of these are CMU’s campus-wide systems for managing and delivering non-academic training.
Vector Solutions is available for all staff and students and doesn't require registration.
SuccessFactors LMS allows users to discover and register for available training, and to complete that training if it is available electronically. Departments can adopt SuccessFactors LMS to create, schedule, build, assign, and publish training items offered to the campus community or any portion thereof. Supervisors can assign learning to, and report on the learning history of their direct reports. 

Departments that are not currently using SuccessFactors LMS to manage and/or deliver training should Request Onboarding.

Users may also Request a Security Change for themselves or on behalf of another user.

To report a problem or request any other sort of assistance with the SuccessFactors LMS system, click the Request Assistance button.


All students, faculty, and staff


There is currently no charge for this service

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