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Active/Recent System-Wide Hot Ticket Issues

We are experiencing an error where we are unable to save or update tickets' forms in TDX. It gives us an error message: "No valid choices have been selected for $Feedback: criteria identified." This occurs with newly created tickets, as well as when trying to edit the forms of existing tickets. We have discovered a workaround where we can add "dummy" feedback to a ticket and this lets us save it. As I am writing it, It will not let me save this Major Incident ticket, citing "The following errors were encountered which prevented the save: No valid choices have been selected for $Planned Maintenance. No valid choices have been selected for $External Provider." Trying to check the option boxes of "Planned Maintenance" and "External Provider" to work around.
Blackboard Transact terminals are offline in POD, Down Under, Starbucks, and possibly others.
At approximately 4:10 am during maintenance, the database for Perceptive Content got thrown into an inconsistent state that is preventing services from being started. Restarting the server has had no effect. Every query against the database receives this error in the logs: The ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request has no corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION. We are restoring the database to an earlier point in time.
The Sophos endpoint client is available in Munki/Jamf and Software Center to install for testing. Please not that we saw some significant performance issues on a test VM server during testing today, so please be cautious testing VM's.
Due to what seems like a certificate revocation, some macOS users with HP printer drivers are currently unable to print. Some units may be able to work with generic print drivers but these will likely need per-machine interventions until new drivers can potentially be rolled out. I won't be posting frequent updates to this but will update as news about the situation becomes available. This major incident primarily exists to attach children to in case a fix from Apple resolves them