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General Information

The Creative Media Production team within CMU's Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support (CIS) houses a broadcast production studio in Park Library. We have 4K cameras, lighting, microphones as well as a green screen. We also have a 28” touch-screen computer for capturing presentations with annotations and a plexi-glass lightboard allowing faculty to teach to the camera while writing on the plexi-glass board. To view sample videos shot in our studio, click this link: .

Use this form to request assistance and/or studio time from CIS's Creative Media Production staff to help you create multiple digital lectures for your course.

MediaPro services include:

  • Chipcast/Panopto Support
  • Event Recording and Live Streaming
  • Scheduling Studio Time in Park Library
  • Post-production Services (editing, closed captioning, and publishing)
  • Creative Video Production Services
  • Media Format Conversion
  • Course Media Outline Review
  • Feedback on Test Recording
  • CIS Facility Support


This may vary by the specific service requested, though generally this is available to all current CMU users with a specific focus on current faculty.


Our services are offered free of charge for content produced solely for credit-producing courses, but a fee is charged for content being primarily used for non-classroom audiences. Factors considered in project approval: number of students impacted, number of faculty impacted, re-usability of a learning object, estimated "shelf-life," existing alternatives and costs, time required, and completion date, and required outcomes of past projects.

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