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The OIT Media Services group installs and maintains classroom mediated equipment. This includes: touch panels, Blu-ray players, projectors, document cameras (visualizers), cameras and flat screens. Prior to installation of new mediated infrastructure, or upgrading of existing infrastructure, Media Services will provide consultation services to determine the most appropriate course of action, based on the usage and needs of the mediated space, budget, and amount of time available.

Some required components of new or modified installations are provided by entities outside of OIT. Examples of this include electrical power (outlets) for equipment and carpentry services to mount large projection screens/LCD displays. Charges and wait times for these can vary greatly and are outside the control of OIT.

For information regarding new installations or consultations related mediated technologies in classrooms, conference rooms and other areas, please click Request Consultation to get started.


All current faculty and staff members.


Depending on the location and nature of the request, time and material charges may apply. For locations outside of Mount Pleasant: mileage, meals per diem, and lodging charges may apply. It may be necessary to travel on-site to remote locations to better understand the needs of the mediation request.

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