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General Information

As a graduate of Central Michigan University, you are eligible to receive a free CMU email address ( Your email uses the same credentials as the Global ID. Your Global ID is assigned as your unique identifier for the entire time you are associated with CMU. Generally, if you’ve attended CMU since the year 2000, you already have a Global ID. 

  • Upon graduation, student email accounts are automatically converted into Alumni email accounts
  • Alumni accounts have been issued automatically to anyone that has graduated from CMU since 2006
  • Alumni accounts are email only, and don’t have access to OneDrive cloud storage or Office 365 pro plus
  • Alumni email accounts have a quota of 50 gigabytes

To request your Alumni email account (or request assistance with an existing Alumni account), click the Request Alumni Email button.


Students verified as graduated by CMU Alumni Relations.


There is currently no charge for this service.

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