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Webex Account

This service allows people to collaborate in virtual meeting rooms to share computer content, files, as well as connect through voice and video. Webex Meetings, Webex Training, and Webex Events are available to account owner (Host), and includes the ability to record meetings.

Technical assistance can be provided to help with creating or joining a meeting if you are experiencing trouble. Connection details such as the Meeting ID, meeting password, or the URL to join must be provided to you by the meeting Host, and cannot be looked up.

For self-paced training content, please see the related article to the right.

Webex Assistant

The Webex Assistant is an AI-based tool within Webex Meetings that can provide additional features to meetings such real-time meeting transcription and note taking, action items, or reminders using voice commands.


All faculty, staff, students, guests, alumni, and any members of the general public seeking help related to Webex meetings hosted on CMU's site are eligible for technical assistance.

Only current students, faculty, and staff members with active Webex accounts have the capability of hosting meetings.

Webex Assistant can be enabled on active Webex accounts upon request. Only the host of the meeting needs the Webex Assistant enabled for it to be active in their meetings.


General Webex account use along with Webex Assistant use (where enabled) is available at no charge to current faculty, staff, and students.

Charges may be incurred for telephone audio use within Webex. Hosting a meeting without telephone audio usage will incur no charges. Cost is calculated by the total number of minutes used for the toll-free or international phone numbers, and/or use of services that initiate a call out to a phone number (such as Call Me or Invite & Remind). Faculty using Webex to teach online will currently receive no charges to their department for the use of telephone audio services.

Toll call-in - Free

Call-out Services (Call me, Invite & Remind) - $0.02

Toll-free audio - $0.06 / min

International - $1.00 / min

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