SuccessFactors LMS Additional Access Change Request

General Information

Most users active in SuccessFactors have the role of learner and are able to log into the system to search and register for training offerings, or to complete online training. Additionally, users with direct reports assigned to them can perform a limited set of administrative and reporting tasks for those direct reports.

Users who need additional access are those who:

  • Administer learning for a department already onboarded to SuccessFactors LMS
  • Require access to SuccessFactors LMS reporting functionality 

To request additional access, change existing addition access, or remove additional access either on behalf of another user or for yourself, click the Request Change button to the right.

Departments that are not currently using SuccessFactors LMS to manage and/or deliver training shoud Request Onboarding.

To report a problem or request any other sort of assistance with the SuccessFactors LMS system, please Request Technical Assistance.


All students, faculty, and staff


There is currently no charge for this service

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