Digital Signage Content Request

General Information

Digital Signage is available in many buildings on CMU’s main campus and distributed locations. This service includes request approval to display content on an existing digital sign (content is subject to approval prior to display and requirements/standards vary by department).

For a complete listing of areas on campus with digital signs, additional information, and how to submit your request, please see the related knowledge base article.

To request content be added to digital signs in the following locations, please click the Request Assistance button:

  • College of Arts and Media
  • College of Education & Human Services
  • Park Library

To request content be added to digital signs in other areas on campus, please see the related knowledge base article for further instructions.

Please note:
  • All requests are reviewed by their respective display owners who may choose not to accept submissions.
  • Only library-sponsored events or events occurring within the building are considered for inclusion on the Park Library's digital message boards. Images must be sized to 1920px by 1080px.
  • Requests for signs in the College of Education and Human Services, displays must be in JPEG or PDF format, and images must be sized to 1650px by 1079px.


All faculty, staff, and students.


There is no charge for adding content to a digital signs rotation. 

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