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CMU Blogs provides a platform for faculty, staff, and offices who wish to have a CMU-supported place to provide more informal or conversational information to the public than would be appropriate for the main CMU Website. CMU Blogs is also used to build ePortfolios for students in certain academic programs.

Eligible members of the CMU Community can request creation of a blog. This request will be reviewed by the CMU Web Governance Committee, to ensure that a blog is the most appropriate way to accomplish the desired purpose. See Requesting a New Blog for more information about this process and the guidelines the committee uses when reviewing requests.

Once the committee has approved a request for a blog, the blog owner is responsible for managing it in accordance with CMU web policies and guidelines. CMU Blogs is built on WordPress, so you may already be familiar with how to operate a blog, but for CMU-Specific help, see Managing a Blog, which details the common tasks a blog owner needs to perform.

Finally, if there is a WordPress Feature or Plugin you'd like to have available for use on a blog, see Requesting Features or Plugins. Because CMU blogs is a shared environment, features and plugins have to be evaluated both for compliance with CMU web policies and guidelines, as well as technical compatibility with our system.

To submit any of these types of requests, click the Request Assistance button to the right.


All faculty, staff, and university offices may request blogs meeting the blog guidelines. A blog site may be requested by students who meet the ePortfolio eligibility criteria


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