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For data security, access to Perceptive Content (previously ImageNow) is granted to approved Global IDs. Once granted access to Content, a user also requires access permissions on a department's drawers and documents. This access is approved by the data owner of the drawer, an individual designated as the responsible party for working with OIT staff to make decisions about and delegate access to the drawer.

The security change request form requires information about the individual receiving permissions, such as Global ID and name, and the specific drawer and access level (view only, scan, update, and print). In lieu of providing an exact listing of permissions, the requestor can enter the Global ID of another user to copy permissions. Upon submission, the data owner will receive a notification to approve or deny the request, and once approved, the Content administrators will create an account or modify permissions as requested.

To submit the security change request form, click the Request Account/Change button.

Please note that this service is only for adding permissions. To remove permissions, please submit a Removal request.


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