Cable TV

CMU has ended its traditional cable TV service contract, effective November 29, 2021. After that date, cable TV service will no longer be available via physical coaxial cable to offices, residence hall rooms, and apartments across campus, and instead, the SpectrumU service is recommended as an alternative option.

General Information

Campus cable TV services are available in all student residence halls and apartments, as well as all academic buildings. Courtesy cable TV services are provided free-of-charge in several building corridors and lounges. Our service provider delivers the programming through a fiber optic link to CMU’s network. CMU offers a variety of programming choices including all local network channels in high definition.


Any faculty, staff, or student may connect a Cable TV-ready device to existing infrastructure (primarily in the residence halls and apartments) to utilize the service.


Cable TV service is provided at no charge to on-campus residents. However, utilizing the Cable TV service does require a device with a digital TV tuner. If no tuner is installed or available, residents can rent a cable TV digital tuner box from the Help Desk for a fee.

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