Media production, room mediation, Blackboard Learn, test scoring, library services, distance learning and physical & virtual labs.

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Chipcast/Panopto (Lecture Capture), Event Recording, and Video Streaming services.

Projector and room mediation setup and support.

Access specialized software, UDrive, and PrintQ from anywhere!

Blackboard Learn Management

Course materials and Blackboard My Textbook Menu Button

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Adaptive Technology Information Request

Do you require assistance with a device or software package used to maintain, increase, or improve your functional capabilities interacting with technology in an administrative or academic role? Inquire about more information here!

Campus Computer Labs

In addition to the Virtual Lab environment and physical machines located throughout Park Library, there are several smaller computer labs available across campus.

CIS Course Production Support (CoursePro)

CoursePro service is available to support faculty developing or revising online courses with Bb-specific production tasks. CoursePro can also assist faculty with select Bb-specific functions in their teaching shells.

CIS Teaching and Learning Professional Support (TL Pro)

TL Pro services provide individualized, confidential support in the preparation, design, enhancement, management, and delivery of course content for any offering modality. Complete this form to request any of our diverse and strategic teaching and learning services.

All aspects of TL Pro services are confidential and non-evaluative.

The focused nature of our TL Pro services allows consultants to confidentially engage with limited elements, or “snapshot” views, of course components. Thus, any/all elements of this engagement will remain confidential and are NOT intended to evaluate an educator’s instructional efficacy. As such, any/all service artifacts (including but not limited to survey data and consultant feedback) are provided to requesting instructors only, and will not be shared with any other individual under any circumstances. Instructors wishing to share service report documents outside of TL Pro engagements, should do so at their own discretion.

CMU Student Opinion Survey (SOS) Technical Support

Request assistance with the CMU Student Opinion Survey (SOS) as administered through Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT).

Library Services, Resources, and Systems

Request assistance with a variety of Library services and resources.

Research IT Support

Request assistance with IT-related compliance for research, grants, and contracts.

Scantron Test Scoring Services

Test and survey scanning services are available at the Help Desk Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM, but will be discontinued after the spring 2023 semester concludes.

Secure Computing Environment

Virtualized desktop environment intended for researchers is available at monthly or annual rates.

Syllabus Creation and Management

Standardized syllabus creation and management involves the use of the Syllabus Build Tool, also known as the SBT.

Top Hat Classroom/Audience Response System

The Top Hat Classroom/Audience Response System is a 100% web-based solution that offers professors and presenters the ability to interact with face-to-face and online audience members via web-enabled devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc.). The system is primarily used in course-related scenarios, but can also be used for meetings, special events, and more. Additionally, the system offers the ability to author, adopt, and assign interactive electronic textbooks, course notes, question packs, slide decks, handouts, and other Open Educational Resources (OER) to students. Please, complete this form and provide as much information as possible regarding your interest in using the system as part of a course or in a general audience environment. For example: course or event name, term or date of event, estimated number of students or audience members, if you require training, special needs, etc.

Other Specialized Academic-related Applications or Requests

Many departments rely on specific and/or unique software and hardware to support the academic needs of each area. Consider this the "catch-all" spot to submit miscellaneous requests related to academic applications.