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Services or Offerings?
Request a license to access a TeamDynamix ticketing application or project management functionality.

Request access to the SuccessFactors LMS.

Request access to ProSAM for managing financial aid

Request access to a non-HIPAA computer system for a subordinate or request a permission change for computing resources that you own, such as research file shares. Audience: Business units supported by Healthcare IT and MEP IT.

Request changes to a user's privileges in SuccessFactors LMS

Request the removal of Student Employee permissions (full or departmental) from a Perceptive Content/ImageNow account.
Request the "departmental" removal of Staff or Faculty Perceptive permissions when the employee leaves your department but will continue working for CMU.
Note** All regular Staff and Faculty will automatically be "fully" removed after their status in SAP has changed.

Generally, most software licensing occurs at the institutional level. Common license requests relate to Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Qualtrics Survey Software, and various statistical software packages.

SAP Security Support: Common issues like my access has changed, lost access, favorites have changed, or other SAP security related issues/concerns.

Request Access to SAP. SAP accounts and changes in access must be requested and are subject to supervisor approval.

Time Clock Plus approver access request form.

Provides users remote access to a full CMU Windows desktop from anywhere and any device.

Intended for changes in access permissions or site text in CMU Microsoft SharePoint Sites.

Cameras, alarm panels, and access control help provide Physical Security and protect members of the CMU community and CMU assets.

Shared email accounts, also known as logon-by accounts, allow for several people to access, and send email on-behalf of said account.

A Guest Account can be assigned to short term visitors, conference attendees, collaborators, and colleagues at other institutions who visit CMU and require temporary access to technology resources.