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Health Savings Account (HSA)
Enrollment / Change Form

Time Clock Plus approver access request form.

Transact General Support is used in conjunction with card readers and registers across campus.

Request access to ProSAM for managing financial aid

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service is a replacement for legacy (analog) telephone service.

Every student and employee at CMU has access to a terabyte of cloud-based storage through OneDrive for Business. OneDrive can be access through any web browser from any computer or through a sync client that can be used to automatically sync a location on your computer—much like many people are accustomed to doing already through Dropbox or Google Drive. If you're looking for an easy way to collaborate with your peers and colleagues, OneDrive is probably a great fit for you.

PrintQ is the campus-wide print management system. All undergraduate and graduate students receive printing allocation as long as they are registered for courses.

In addition to the Virtual Lab environment and physical machines located throughout Park Library, there are several smaller computer labs available across campus.

Requests related to the Print Services XMpie Server/Application

CMU utilizes Microsoft Office 365 for all faculty, staff, and student email and calendaring.

Report new hires or existing employees that are changing positions to the Office of Information Technology at least two weeks in advance. Audience: Business units supported by Healthcare IT and MEP IT.

Request support from Covenant Healthcare's Information Technology and Health Information Management teams. Requests include billing and revenue questions, patient chart adjustments, documentation and scanning corrections, etc. Requests may contain ePHI (HIPAA data).

Time Clock Plus is the university's NEW time and attendance system

Licensed 3rd party software access and support from Microsoft, Qualtrics, and more.

Request this service if you already have an active SAP account, but you are locked out or require a new password.

Shared email accounts, also known as logon-by accounts, allow for several people to access, and send email on-behalf of said account.

Many departments rely on specific and/or unique software and hardware to conduct regular business. Consider this the "catch-all" spot to submit miscellaneous requests related to department-specific or enterprise applications.

The Top Hat Classroom/Audience Response System is a 100% web-based solution that offers professors and presenters the ability to interact with face-to-face and online audience members via web-enabled devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc.). The system is primarily used in course-related scenarios, but can also be used for meetings, special events, and more. Additionally, the system offers the ability to author, adopt, and assign interactive electronic textbooks, course notes, question packs, slide decks, handouts, and other Open Educational Resources (OER) to students. Please, complete this form and provide as much information as possible regarding your interest in using the system as part of a course or in a general audience environment. For example: course or event name, term or date of event, estimated number of students or audience members, if you require training, special needs, etc.

Faculty and staff can request assistance with CMU’s recruitment CRM system. Common requests include adding/removing a user, building queries and reports, and creating a registration form for a recruiting event.

CMU Blogs-related requests. Get help with an existing blog or request a new one.

Use this service to order TMobile Cellular service. Bring your own phone or buy a new one.