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Request technical assistance with Perceptive Content

Request content to be displayed on digital signage in Grawn Hall

Request new or additional access to Perceptive Content and/or existing drawer implementations.
Note** This online form will not remove users from groups. All comments on this form should be directed to the "Data Owner \ Approver" as OIT doesn't read these requests.

Request the removal of Student Employee permissions (full or departmental) from a Perceptive Content/ImageNow account.
Request the "departmental" removal of Staff or Faculty Perceptive permissions when the employee leaves your department but will continue working for CMU.
Note** All regular Staff and Faculty will automatically be "fully" removed after their status in SAP has changed.

Intended for changes in access permissions or site text in CMU Microsoft SharePoint Sites.

Digital Signage is available in many locations across main campus and beyond. Slideshows vary across locations, but all provide useful information to their audiences.

CIS Course Support (Course Support) provides streamlined access to Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support (CIS) colleagues for instructors teaching online and satellite location courses, which use Ready-to-Teach content for the most part. Course Support provides a one-stop service for utilizing the technology and materials associated with Ready-to-Teach course content.

TL Pro services provide individualized, confidential support in the preparation, design, enhancement, management, and delivery of course content for any offering modality. Complete this form to request any of our diverse and strategic teaching and learning services.

Report a web accessibility issue.

Request assistance with audio/video production services.

Record event audio and video and offer live streaming from a departmental website.

Lecture capture and the Chipcast service are powered by Panopto.

Self-help resources are available at

Request assistance and/or studio time from CIS’s Creative Media Production staff to help you create multiple digital lectures for your course.

Request a Yodeck sign as new hardware or replacement of existing digital signage hardware