Services (7)

Email and Calendaring (O365, Outlook)

CMU utilizes Microsoft Office 365 for all faculty, staff, and student email and calendaring.

Alumni Email Account Request

CMU utilizes Microsoft Office 365 for Alumni email and calendaring

Email Spam Identification

CMU employs Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for protecting your email from Spam, Viruses and Phishing attempts.

Listserv List Request

Request new Listserv Lists.

Maestro Communications Platform Support

Request information, support, training, or job authorization.

Resource Room Calendar New Account or Change Request

Office 365 has mailboxes specially tailored for rooms and equipment so that these resources can be scheduled for use in the Calendar.

Shared Departmental (Logon-by/Group) New Email Account or Change Request

Shared email accounts, also known as logon-by accounts, allow for several people to access, and send email on-behalf of said account.