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Adding a Tool Provider Link in Blackboard

A Tool Provider is a 3rd party tool that implements the LTI protocol.
Tool Providers and LTI

LTI provides the seamless integration of externally hosted web-based Learning Tools. If the LTI Tool Provider is already configured, links can be created to the available Tool Providers. If you have been in contact with the Tool Provider directly, a key, secret, or a block of configuration XML may have been supplied which can now be entered.

AI-Generated Learning Modules

If you need help designing your course and don’t know where to start, the AI Design Assistant can guide you through building the course’s structure. The AI Design Assistant draws insights from your course's title and description to generate learning modules. Learning modules can support a course objective, concept, or theme. Learning modules help you organize your content and guide how your students navigate through a topic.

The AI Design Assistant

The AI Design Assistant helps you to generate images, rubrics, test questions, and even learning modules for your course.