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Roster Functionality
The AI Design Assistant helps you to generate images, rubrics, test questions, and even learning modules for your course.
Creating test questions takes a significant amount of time. The AI Design Assistant can offer suggestions for test questions, giving you extra time to focus on more complicated tasks. The AI Design Assistant is beneficial for both formative and summative assessments. Test questions are generated based on course context.
This document will provide Blackboard Ultra instructors with information on how to embed Panopto videos as a graded assignment in their Blackboard Ultra course. The videos will report a grade back to the Blackboard Ultra gradebook representing the percentage of the video that the student has watched. Note: The administrator for these programs must set up the integration before instructors have this capability. They can enable this integration and feature by following the steps listed in the arti
Taking a LockDown Browser Test in Ultra
This article will assist users enable Progress Tracking and allow students to track their progress.
This article will walk you through creating columns for students’ overall letter grade.
Microsoft (MS) Teams can be accessed directly from within Blackboard course. The course must first be Synchronized with MS Teams. This article will assist an instructor with the Synchronization and Activation Process.
This article will assist instructors in creating groups.
Clearing an assignment attempt by a student is a quick, easy process. Follow the instructions below.
When you create a gradable item, it automatically appears in the gradebook and is associated with the appropriate category.
Grading rubrics offer a structured framework to assess student work. Rubrics ensure both fairness and consistency in grading. Moreover, rubrics give students clear directives to meet desired learning outcomes. However, creating rubrics can take a lot of time. The AI Design Assistant creates rubrics by drawing insights from course context.
This article discusses creating and viewing Blackboard Ultra Announcements