AI-Generated Learning Modules

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This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Adding AI-Generated Learning Modules

If you need help designing your course and don’t know where to start, the AI Design Assistant can guide you through building the course’s structure. The AI Design Assistant draws insights from your course's title and description to generate learning modules. Learning modules can support a course objective, concept, or theme. Learning modules help organize your content and guide how your students navigate through a topic.

From the Content Tab, select the purple plus, then Auto-Generate Modules:

AI Generated Learning Modules


The Auto-Generate Modules panel appears. Each generated module comes with a name and description.

There are several ways to customize the learning modules that the AI Design Assistant generates:

  • Enter a description to narrow the focus of the modules
  • Select from existing course materials
  • Select a prefixes for the module titles
  • Choose whether to include AI-generated images for the modules
  • Adjust the complexity of the modules’ focus
  • Select the number of modules to generate

Once you’ve finalized your settings, select Generate.  Choose the modules you’d like to add to your course, then select Add to Course.

Auto-generated modules added to the course


Review each learning module’s title and description for accuracy. You can also edit learning modules to better fit your teaching style and goals. 

The AI Design Assistant can generate images for pre-existing learning modules. You can upload your own images or select the built-in feature to include a stock photo from the Unsplash image repository.

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