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This article will walk you through creating columns for students’ overall letter grade.
When you create a gradable item, it automatically appears in the gradebook and is associated with the appropriate category.
Oveview of the Gradebook including an explanation of the List and Grid Views.
This article will walk you through creating filters in your Gradebook to see specific columns and/or students.
How do I use the assignment inline grading tool in the Ultra course view?
After you create a rubric and associate it with an assessment or discussion, you can use it for grading. Follow the instructions below or view the video for more information.
This article will walk you through creating manually graded gradebook columns in the Ultra Course View. Manually graded columns can be created for assignments that don't require a submission in Blackboard such as class participation, extra credit, and in-class graded assignments.
The following tips will assist faculty with using the gradebook in Blackboard Ultra more efficiently.
Setting the overall grade center in Blackboard Ultra.
With the "Drop Grades" feature in the Blackboard Ultra course view, multiple grades can be dropped from the student's overall grade within the course. There is an option to drop the lowest or the highest grade. Follow the instructions below, or watch the video, to learn how to drop the lowest, or highest, grade in the Gradebook in Blackboard Ultra course view.
This article will walk you through how to grade a test in a Blackboard Ultra course.
You can download the full Gradebook, or selected columns, from your Blackboard Ultra courses and work on them offline as an Excel spreadsheet. You can then upload that Excel spreadsheet back into the Blackboard Ultra course Gradebook.
How do I personalize a student's assessment attempt/grade with an audio and video feedback recording in the Ultra course view?
You can filter your gradebook view based on merged courses.