The HIPAA-protected systems that help to deliver patient care for our students, faculty, staff, and community.

Services (7)

eCovenant Technical Support

Request support from Covenant Healthcare's Information Technology and Health Information Management teams. Requests include billing and revenue questions, patient chart adjustments, documentation and scanning corrections, etc. Requests may contain ePHI (HIPAA data).

EMR Configuration Change/Project Request

Request an adjustment or enhancement to a clinical system used by CMU's patient care delivery teams. Requests may contain ePHI (HIPAA data).

EMR Custom Report Request

Request a custom report from Epic Electronic Medical Record

EMR Security Change Request

Request an add, change, or removal of access for Epic or other clinical software. Users with access to these systems will require HIPAA training to view ePHI.

EMR Training Request

Request training on clinical software or hardware that may have access to ePHI (HIPAA data). Training will be provided by Healthcare IT staff, or in partnership with eCovenant or our other clinical IT partners.

Healthcare Device/Software Incident

Request technical support for malfunctioning clinical software or hardware. Devices in this category may come into contact with ePHI (HIPAA data).

Other EMR Technical Request

If your need is not defined above, use this form to request other clinical support assistance from Healthcare IT. Requests may contain ePHI (HIPAA data).