Calculating Grades using Formulas
Creating Weighted Calculations
Clearing an Attempt
Dropping, Posting, or Overriding Grades

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Clearing an Attempt in the Gradebook

Clearing an assignment attempt by a student is a quick, easy process. Follow the instructions below.

Drop Grades in Gradebook

With the "Drop Grades" feature in the Blackboard Ultra course view, multiple grades can be dropped from the student's overall grade within the course. There is an option to drop the lowest or the highest grade. Follow the instructions below, or watch the video, to learn how to drop the lowest, or highest, grade in the Gradebook in Blackboard Ultra course view.

Posting Grades

This article will assist instructors post Bb grades so the students can see the grade. Instructors can wait or post grades after grading an item.

Summary of Grading Actions

The following tips will assist faculty with using the gradebook in Blackboard Ultra more efficiently.