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Blackboard Learn

Blackboard course shells are created for all courses by default, but do require instructors to make them available to students. ... General Information Central Michigan University utilizes the industry standard Blackboard Learn product as our Learning Management System. All Blackboard sections have a 500MB storage quota by

Blackboard Learn: Modality Change Request

. Related Services Blackboard Learn Merged Course Request CIS Course Production Support (CoursePro) Lecture Capture Syllabus Creation and Management Webex

Blackboard Learn Merged Course Request

Request to create merged course shells in Blackboard Learn ... General Information Merging is a process that allows the student rosters of multiple Blackboard courses to be merged into a single course shell. Having a single shell for student access can save

Blackboard Learn Enhancement and Third-Party Integration Request

Request for a new enhancement or third-party integration to Blackboard Learn, or a change to an existing enhancement/integration. ... General Information While Blackboard Learn provides a rich feature set to help faculty and staff in delivering a student centered educational experience, there are times when enhancements to the

FeedbackFruits Tool Suite

to the conversation. These tools help faculty create engaging courses and stimulating active learning.  FeedbackFruits has been integrated with Blackboard and can be used to build graded and non-graded

CMU Student Opinion Survey (SOS) Technical Support

) online. When a course survey is available, students are invited to complete the survey via email communication and Blackboard notifications. Instructors and academic administrators are provided access to

CIS Course Production Support (CoursePro)

General Information Central Michigan University offers the CoursePro Service to assist faculty adding content to our Learning Management System, Blackboard Learn. Faculty are required to provide

Transact User Account Request

an existing account To request assistance with a Blackboard Transact account, click the Request Account Service button. Eligibility Transact account support is available to all units within

Faculty Orientation: Technology @ CMU

are accustomed to finding course the course syllabus, announcements, assignment information and submission options, grades, and more within Blackboard. Course shells are expected to be opened prior to


Services, and to other units under special arrangement. Cost There is currently no charge for this service. Related Service Blackboard Learning Management System

Library Services, Resources, and Systems

, physical resources that can be scanned or shipped, expert assistance along with a host of other technology systems and services. If you would like to add Course Reserve content to your Blackboard

Pearson MyLab Math / MyMathLab vs. Mathworks MATLAB (disambiguation)

Education to accompany its published math textbooks. This content is primarily accessed through individual Blackboard course shells (provided the course instructor has configured its use).  External vendor website:

Syllabus Creation and Management

instructors teaching courses online or at one of CMU’s satellite centers should use the Syllabus Build Tool for the creation and management of their syllabus. Cost There is currently no charge for this service. Related Service Blackboard Learning Management System

Adaptive Technologies

require assistance. Cost Generally, there is currently no charge for this service. Related Services Personal Device Question/Request  Blackboard Learning Management System HyFlex and Mediated Classroom Support

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

anything that would use our standard logon page (Blackboard, Office365, etc.,), once MFA is enabled on your account, anyone attempting to log into those services with your Global ID and password would also