Grading in Ultra

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Grading Overview

Ultra provides flexible grading eliminates the labor-intensive and button-heavy process that can make grading a time-consuming and draining task for the instructor and instead provides an experience that prioritizes intuition and efficiency, streamlines navigation, eliminates artificial barriers, saving time and effort by allowing instructors to move easily and seamlessly from student to student.  Each instructor has a unique approach to grading.  Grading aligns with natural workflows and task-oriented navigation that focuses on the submissions and questions waiting for instructors to grade, creating an effective way to grade. 

Watch:  Grading & Grading Tasks video.

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Grading Features:

  • Grade by question or student
  • Easily move between student attempt
  • Filter on grading status of choice
  • Navigate between students and multiple submission attempts
  • Keep track of your grading process
  • View both the attempt and the final grade for each assessment
  • Provide meaningful feedback with or without a rubric
  • Grade inline using Blackboard Annotate
  • Collapse side panels to obtain more screen real estate
  • Post all grades when ready

Supported assessment grading configurations:

  • Individual student test and assignment submissions
  • Single and multiple attempts
  • Grading with rubrics
  • SafeAssign
  • Other assessment configurations will continue to route through to the current grading experience.

Grading can be used with these Grading Options:

Grading by Student

Submissions in need of grading can be accessed from the Gradebook tab in either List or Grid View.  The List View, Gradable Items tab provides the most direct access to items in need of grading.  To grade submitted work, click on the title of the assignment you wish to grade, then on a student who has an attempt in need of grading:

Accessing Submitted Work to Grade


Explanation of the Grading by Student Interface

1. Student Side Panel:  The Grading Status filter located at the top, by default, displays all grading statuses for students with submitted work for this particular assignment.  If the filter is changed to Needs Grading only those students who have work submitted that needs to be graded display.  Clicking on a student (e.g. see Marnie Student) opens up the student work in the main screen (see #5).  Students with a score awarded for their work already, display that score in the grading pill (see Beth Williams).

2.  Header Information:  The name of the student highlighted in the left Student Side Panel, displays at the top along with the date/time their work was uploaded into Bb.  Center screen is the unique Submission Receipt number for this submission.  On the right, the student's final grade, once awarded is displayed.  The 3-dot menu to the right of the grading pill allows you to either post the score one awarded or clear the attempt.

3.  Grading Panel:  Located on the right is the grading and feedback panel.  If a rubric has been attached to the assignment, criteria and ratings are shown.  

4.  Open/Expand Arrows:  The arrow located on the left and right side panels, collapses or expands the side panels.  When grading, it is optimal to have the student's work displayed prominently on the screen.  Collapsing the left and/or right side panels, expands the center of the screen to display students' work.

5.  Main Grading Screen:  At the top, the Assessment Content area can be expanded using the drop-down arrow to open the assignment instructions provided to students.  The black menu ribbon displays the tool selection for Bb Annotate.  From this screen, inline grading is completed.

Grading by Student Interface


Grading by Question

When assessments contain questions, grading can then be completed by the question, saving time by allowing you to focus on the same topic and desired answer for the question being graded.  To grade submitted work, click on the title of the assessment you wish to grade, then on a student who has an attempt in need of grading.

While on the Students tab, the system shows the test questions the student highlighted in the left side panel received and the order they received them in.  For assessment with randomized questions, each student is presented with questions in a different order.  When a different student is selected, the test questions change to show which questions the student received and the order they received them in.

View of Questions Received on a Test for Student 1:

Grading by Question - Display of Questions for Student 1

View of Questions Received on a Test for Student 2:

Grading by Question - Display of Questions for Student 2


Explanation of the Grading by Question Interface

Clicking on the Question tab presents the Grade by Question Interface.

1). Question Display Side Panel:  test questions display in the left side panel. All Grading Statuses is the default display in the Grading Status filter.  Questions that have been graded display with a green checkmark.

Grading by Question - Graded Questions Checkmark

To locate questions in need of grading, change the filter in Grading Status from the default to “Needs Grading”. Located in the center of the screen are the students who received this question and their answer. 

The left side panel can be collapsed using the arrow in the top right corner of the panel, giving maximum screen space to student answers shown in the main grading section.

2. Header Information:  The question being answered is provided at the top of the screen.  The drop-down arrow to the right can be clicked to expand the question to see it in full.

3.  Main Grading Screen:  Student answers can be read in the main center screen.  A score can be awarded by clicking into the grade pill and typing in the score.  Then, proceed onto the next student answer to grade.

4. Multiple Attempts:  If multiple attempts are allowed, you can easily switch between attempts by clicking the drop-down arrow under the student name, opening the Attempt Menu, then toggling between attempts.

Grading by Questions - Grading Interface


As grades for the question are awarded, the count within the question card in the left side panel reflects the number of attempts that remain to be graded.

Grading by Question - Number of Attempts Graded

NOTE:  There is no side panel located on the right side when grading by question.  The score earned on the test question is entered directly on the grading screen with the student's response.  If giving feedback is desired, click on the Student Tab, locate the student and add Overall Feedback in the right-side panel:

Overall Feedback Box


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