Delegated Grading

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.

Delegated Grading Overview

You can assign specific users in your course to grade particular sets of student assignment submissions. Roles with default grading privileges include instructor, teaching assistant, and grader. 

The users who help you grade are called delegated graders and they provide provisional grades. Delegated graders follow the same grading steps you do. However, the group of assignment attempts they see is based on the options you choose. 

Delegated Grading only supports assignment submissions from individual students. Tests, group assessments, and anonymous submissions are not supported capabilities of Delegated Grading. 

Why Use Delegated Grading?

For large classes, you can divide up the grading tasks among teaching assistants and other graders. For a merged course, you can assign each grader a class section.


Delegated Grading Workflow

Implementing Delegated Grading is completed in 4 Steps:

Step 1:  Determining which Students a Grader will Grade A grader can be a Teaching Assistant in a course.  If your shell is a merged shell, you may want to consider a TA or Grader grading a specific section of students.
Step 2: Create Groups of Students for Each Grader Create a Custom group for each Grader in the course and assign students to a group.  If a merged shell, consider creating a group identified by both the Grader/TA and section number   Keep group hidden from student view.
Step 3:  Turn on Delegated Grading.  From each assignment settings panel, check the Delegated Grading box, then Assign Graders.  At the next screen, locate the group set already created, then assign the Grader/TA to their respective group set, then Save
Step 4:  Grade Assignments.  Each Grader will grade assignments via the Gradebook.

See Also:

Step 1:  Determining which Students a Grader will Grade

The first step is to determine which students a Grader will grade in your course.  If your course is a merged shell, you may want to consider grouping students according to the section number they are enrolled in.  From the Gradebook you can see which specific section (e.g. Child shell) students are associated with.  To determine which section a student is enrolled in, go to Grid View > Filters > select a section > Apply.  The results will show the students associated with that section.

Filter Showing Merged Course Students

Step 2: Create Groups of Students for Each Grader 

Create a Custom Group for each Grader in the course and assign the Grader and the students to a group.  If a merged shell, consider creating a group identified by both the Grader/TA and section number  Keep group hidden from student view.

Important Notes About Groups and Grading:

  • A group set can include one or more graders in each group. If multiple graders are assigned to the same group, they will share the grading responsibility.   
  • Graders assigned to a group of students can only view submissions for th
  • ose students on the assignment’s submission page. They can only post grades for their assigned group members.
  • Unassigned instructors enrolled in the course can view all student submissions on the assignment’s submission page. They can post grades for all students. 
  • If you'd like to delegate randomly to course graders, first set up a randomized Group Set. For more information, see Create Groups.

Group Creation for Delegated Grading


Step 3:  Turn on Delegated Grading

To turn on Delegated Grading:

  1. From the Gradebook, select Edit for an assignment.
  2. Select Assignment Settings to open the panel.
  3. Under Evaluation options, select Delegated Grading. 
  4. Select Assign graders. From the Delegated Grading page, select the Group Set created for your Graders.
  5. Select Save. You return to the Assignment Settings panel.
  6. Select Save to save your settings and return to the assignment page.

Assigning Graders to a Delegated Grading Group


Disable Delegated Grading

After you create an assignment with delegated grading enabled, you or other privileged users can disable it. If you choose to disable, you receive a warning that other graders' feedback and scores will no longer be shown to you, other graders, or students. 


Step 4:  Grade Assignments

To help with the accuracy and consistency of grading, ask all delegated graders to use a rubric when they provide grades.

Each Grader can access assignment submissions that assigned to them for grading in the Gradable Items Gradebook page and on the Assessments Submissions page. If anonymous grading is also enabled, student names are hidden. Graders can view how many gradable items are in their queues.  Both access options open the grading page where you view submissions, annotate files, and grade as you normally do.

In the Feedback to Learner box, select the editor button to open the editor.

Graders can only see work submitted by students assigned to them for grading.

Image of Grader Jackson's View of Submitted Work to Grade  

Note the differences in the students shown in the two images below -- each Grader is only shown their respective students.

TA Jackson View of Work to Grade

Image of Grader Lassitter's View of Work to Grade.

TA Lassitter View of Work to Grade


View Grading Alerts

Users are notified when delegated assignment submissions are ready to grade. Alerts appear in these areas:

  • Activity Stream
  • Gradable items Gradebook view
  • Submissions page
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