Importance of Automatic Zero's and Running Total: What's the Impact to my Gradebook?

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.

Importance of Automatic Zeros and Running Total:  Accuracy in Academic Standing

When using the default “Overall Grade” setting with a running total, using Automatic Zeros presents the most accurate view of a student’s academic standing in the course. The default setting in the Overall Grade column totals the scores earned on activities that have grades or attempts -- without Automatic Zeros, a column with no submission and thus no score entered would not be included in the Overall Grade calculation and instead would present an artificially high score/academic standing in the course to the student and instructor.   

Watch:  Gradebook Default Settings Explained

Automatic Zeros & Running Total Overview

Automatic Zeros is a score of '0' awarded to a student who did not submit work for the graded activity by the stipulated Due Date and provides the instructor and student with a more realistic calculation on the student's standing in the course and total grade earned thus far.  The Automatic Zeros setting is available in the Gradebook via the gear icon as shown below.  See Automatic Zeros for Unsubmitted Work to learn more.

The Automatic Zeros setting, when combined with the Running Total setting, provides the most accurate "Total Grade" standing to the Student and Instructor.  The Running Total setting is found in the Overall Grade column and is called "Base calculation on points earned out of total graded points."





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