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Transact User Account Request

an existing account To request assistance with a Blackboard Transact account, click the Request Account Service button. Eligibility Transact account support is available to all units within

Going Ultra: Distinctions Between Original and Ultra Course View

activities to be completed in the course are represented in the Gradebook, and appropriate grading schema and point values are accurately configured.   Discussion Analytics:  Discussions with

Managing | Editing Rubrics

course shell may require clean up or adjusting as the course is taught.  To access the rubrics, go to the Gradebook > Settings gear icon:     Editing a Rubric Instructors can edit any

Automatic Zeros in the Gradebook for Unsubmitted Work

Running Total:  Accuracy in Academic Standing. Watch:  Gradebook Default Settings Explained The Automatic Zero setting applies to these item types, with due dates and grading configured

Course Activity Report

performing in their course and how much they are interacting within the course. All roles with the privilege to view grades can access the Course Activity report. Note: The Course Activity page

Student Activity Report

see a student's activity in the course and grade progression or review their activity for when they have opened, started, or submitted a specific test or assignment as well as the overall class scores

Discussion Analysis

grading and provide additional insight into the level of engagement in graded discussions, in the Discussion Analysis area of the Ultra Course View, graders can view sentence complexity, critical

Student View of a Test

can select View Your Grade to display their grades. Any feedback you provide appears after the test title.   Instructors receive an alert in their Activity Stream when there are new submissions to grade. Select the test title to begin grading on the test submissions page.


General Information Issues with any of the Custom Workflows including: Course Amendment Request Program Amendment Request Grade Change Request Mass Grade Change Request Non-course

My Textbook Menu Button

Support services for course materials listed with the CMU Bookstore and on the “My Textbooks” menu button in Blackboard. ... in Blackboard. Eligibility All current staff. Cost There is currently no charge for this service. Related Services

500-Level Course Assignment Set Up for Graduate Students

or consult with a Teaching and Learning Consultant from The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support for help in creating a suitable graduate-level graded activity in your course. It is

Course Roles in Ultra

limitations are set by your institution. Teaching assistants can't delete an instructor from a course. Grader: Assists instructors in the creation, management, and grading of coursework. Graders cannot

Edit Tests and Questions

needed. More on overriding grades Student View of Full Credit After grading is completed and you show students the correct answers, they can see which questions you've awarded full credit

Download Assessment Results

often needed for accreditation and program review activities. Assessment results can be downloaded from either the Gradebook grid or list views within the options menu for an assessment, then to

Tracking Attendance

Many instructors who teach face-to-face and blended courses use attendance data as part of their students' overall grades. Also, some institutions and programs have attendance policies that require ... teach face-to-face and blended courses use attendance data as part of their student's overall grades. For each class meeting, you can mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused. The