Student Performance Thresholds

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Threshold Overview

Faculty may wish to set thresholds in their course for student performance.  When set, alerts can be sent to the Activity Stream.  Thresholds can be set for days of inactivity or for percentage grades falling below an identified level.  The link to View Course Activity links to a behavioral graphic that is only shown for those courses with enough data to populate it.

Watch:  Managing the Gradebook to learn more.

Setting Thresholds

From the Gradebook tab in your course, select the Settings gear icon to open the Gradebook Settings side panel.

Gear Icon

Under Student Performance enter the maximum number of days a student should be inactive in the class and/or the overall grade percentage that if a student's grade falls below they receive an alert.  By default, the number of days inactive is set at 15, but is changeable by the instructor.  By default, the 'send Activity Stream alerts to students" box is checked meaning that if a student falls below the threshold(s) identified, a notification is placed in their Activity Stream on the Bb homepage.

Threshold Settings under Student Performance in the Gradebook

NOTE:  Once set in a course, the thresholds will remain when content is copied to a new shell.

Viewing Course Activity 

To view student performance and any student falling below stipulated thresholds, you can re-open the Gradebook Settings panel and click View Course Activity or click on the Analytics tab, then the Course Activity tab.  To learn more see Course Activity Report.





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