Student Performance Thresholds

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Threshold Overview

Faculty may wish to set thresholds in their course for student performance.  When set, alerts can be sent to the Activity Stream.  Thresholds can be set for days of inactivity, missed due dates, and/or for percentage grades falling below an identified level.  The link to View Course Activity links to a behavioral graphic that is only shown for those courses with enough data to populate it.

Key considerations:

  • These alerts are only available for courses.
  • Courses must have at least 10 students and no more than 2000 students. Courses with enrollments outside of that range won’t receive notifications.
  • Notifications for these alerts are sent nightly only when new alerts are met.

Watch:  Managing the Gradebook to learn more.

Setting Thresholds

From the Gradebook tab in your course, select the Settings gear icon to open the Gradebook Settings side panel.

Gear Icon

Under Student Performance, you may enter the minimum alert thresholds for the students' overall grade percentages, total missed graded activity deadlines, and days since they last accessed the course. By default, the "send activity stream notifications.." box is checked, meaning that students will automatically be notified of inactivity via the Activity Stream.

NOTE:  Once set in a course, the thresholds will remain when content is copied to a new shell.

Additional Insight on Missed Due Date Setting


  • Instructors can customize the missed due date alert in the Alert Settings.
  • There is no default setting for missed due date alert. Be sure to customize the alert settings.
  • Students who trigger the missed due dates alert appear in the Course Activity report table and chart and in the downloaded report.
  • Students with missed due date alerts appear in the Course Activity chart view as a purple dot. 
  • Students will not receive notifications based on course missed due date alert setting. If a student opts into missed due date alerts, alerts are sent for each content item.
  • Alerts are triggered every day in case there are new students with alerts in a course. New courses need at least 2 weeks of activity to start triggering these notifications.

The missed due date alert applies when a student doesn’t submit before the due date in the following:

  • Assessments, including group and formative
  • Assessments with the “collect submissions offline” option selected - when an instructor creates an attempt and enters the submission date/time after the due date
  • Assessments with the “hide student names” option selected - alerts only after all student submissions are graded and student names are exposed
  • Discussions and journals marked for a grade
  • SCORM packages when the “Grade individual SCOs” option is selected in SCORM settings
  • Other 3rd party activities, such as LTI and Respondus

Special considerations:

  • Students with a due date accommodation never have their work marked late. A student with due date accommodation won't have any missed due date alerts.
  • Students with a due date exception will have a missed due date alert if the excepted due date passes and there is no submission.
  • Students with an exemption never have their work marked late. A student with an exemption won't have any missed due date alerts.
  • Hidden content with a due date or content with date/time and performance release conditions are included in missed due date alerts.
  • Content with a due date and release conditions for individual course members or groups will alert only those students/groups included in the condition who miss the due date.
  • New items added to the Gradebook with a due date are not included in the missed due date alerts.

Viewing Course Activity 

To view student performance and any student falling below stipulated thresholds, you can re-open the Gradebook Settings panel and click View Course Activity or click on the Analytics tab, then the Course Activity tab.  To learn more, see Course Activity Report.




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