CMU Web Applications Technical Assistance

General Information


CMU Web Applications Technical Assistance is intended for reporting when a CMU developed and hosted custom applications is no longer fully functioning.

Some of the more widely-utilized CMU Applications include:


  • Admissions Online Applications
  • Class List
  • Course Search & Registration
  • Degree Progress (formerly known as Advising Workbench)
  • Personnel Transactions
  • Wait List Administration
  • Web Grades
  • ...and many more


For technical support, click the Request Assistance button to get started.


Access will vary depending on the individual application. Some applications are available to all members of the CMU community, while others require a request process and supervisor approval. Generally, technical support is available to faculty, staff, and students, as well as external-to-CMU users, depending on the application in question.


There is no charge to request support related to a CMU Web Application. However, charges may apply if development is required to update features on existing applications or to implement new features or new applications.

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