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Many CMU courses are available for wait listing. This means that, if a section of a course that has wait listing enabled is closed (no available seats), students have the option to select to be put on a wait list for that course. If spaces open up in the section, students from the wait list will automatically be moved into the course.

The Wait List Administration application is a set of tools available to staff with the appropriate level of access, allowing for more direct management of how the wait list functions for specific courses.

Membership to certain security groups within Active Directory is required to see/access the “Wait List Administration” link in CentralLink. Additionally, faculty and staff members will need a valid SAP account and appropriate permissions to certain transactions within the system in order to directly modify individual course wait lists, toggle wait list functionality on or off for individual courses, or view students on a wait list for individual courses.

To request a new Wait List Administration account, security change, or general assistance with the account acquisition or modification process, click on the Wait List Admin Account button to the right.


All current faculty and staff members. Access is subject to department policy and supervisor discretion.


There is currently no charge for this service.

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Wait List Admin Account


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