Download & Upload Grades to Gradebook

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


When to Use?

You can download the full Gradebook, or selected columns, from your Blackboard Ultra course and work on them offline as an Excel spreadsheet.  You can export the file in a comma-delimited (CSV) or tab-delimited (XLS) format. You can import your downloaded file into an application such as Microsoft Excel to do statistical analysis or other ad hoc computational work.  You can then upload that Excel spreadsheet back into the Gradebook.


Download Gradebook

  • In the Gradebook, select the icon with the down arrow to open the Download Gradebook panel.

Download Gradebook panel

  • Make your selections:

    • Download the full Gradebook or select columns.

      • When you choose Select Columns, a list of columns appears. Select the checkboxes for the columns you want to download. Select the Show More link to display all the Gradebook columns.

    • Select the file type for the downloaded file.

      • Data files are comma-delimited (CSV) or tab-delimited (XLS)

    • Select the location for the download.

      • You can save the file to your device or Browse to select a folder in the Content Collection.

  • Once your selections are made click on the Download button to save a copy of the file

Information that is provided in a download of the full Gradebook:

  • Grades you posted or are ready to post.

  • Overall grades are included if you set that up in your Gradebook.

    Grades you assigned appear as points, letters, or percentages based on how you chose to display each graded item in the Gradebook. 

Addition information that is provided:

  • In Progress: The student opened the item but didn’t submit it.
  • Needs Grading: You have an attempt to grade.
  • Needs Grading (grade): You assigned and posted a grade, and one or more attempts are ready to grade.
  • Ready to Post (grade): You assigned a grade but didn't post it.


Upload Gradebook

You can upload a grade file you worked on offline and update your Gradebook. To upload a correctly formatted file, download the Gradebook. Then, edit the file with the data you want to upload.

  • In the Gradebook, select the icon with the up arrow to open the Upload Gradebook panel.

Upload Gradebook panel

  • You can drag a file from your computer and drop it in the "hot spot" of the upload panel. Alternatively, you can browse your files or use one you stored in the Content Collection.

  • In the Upload Gradebook panel, you can review the list of columns you changed in the file you want to upload. Clear the checkboxes for any data you want to exclude from the upload.

  • Once you are finished, click on the Upload button.


Please note: In the Grid View of the Gradebook, columns with grade changes appear highlighted for a few seconds to show where the changes occurred. Any grade additions or changes you made to non-posted grades in the file appear as overrides in your Gradebook. In the student List View, you can open a student's submission and select Undo Override if needed. If you change a posted grade in the file, you'll need to post the grade again.

See Also: Work Offline with Grade Data

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