How to Grade a Test

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Grading a Test

1. Navigate to the Gradebook tab.

Items that need Grading

2. Locate the needed test. The Status column will indicate whether there are submissions needed for grading.

  • NOTE: If you allowed the test to have multiple attempts, you will need to review and grade each individual attempt.

3. Click on the test to open the Submissions page and select an attempt that needs grading.

4. This will open the Attempts panel. Select the attempt that you would like to grade to be redirected into the attempt.

5. From within the attempt, you can see & do several things:

  • Submission timestamps - See the exact time and date that students submitted the attempt. As well as a copy of their submission receipt number
    • NOTE: All assessment attempts submitted by students will receive a unique receipt number to prove that the attempt was successfully submitted.
  • Assignment Content – The majority of the Attempts panel is the student's attempt. The Assignment Content shows the questions on the test, what the student answered, what the correct answer is, and the point value of each individual question.Submission Attempt Panel Layout
    • NOTE: Points are automatically calculated if a correct answer was provided upon setup (I.e., multiple-choice, fill in the blank, matching, equations, etc.) You can not change the points for an automatically graded question.
  • Feedback – On the right-hand side of the Attempts panel is Feedback to the student's area. In the Feedback area, you can provide text, audio, and video feedback to the students on the specific attempt.

6. Once you have reviewed the attempt and provided the necessary grades and feedback, close out of the attempt, or move on to the next student’s attempt using the arrows at the top of the Attempts panel.

7. If you navigate to the tests Submissions panel for the test, you have two options when it comes to posting grades:

  • Post – post the grade for the specific attempt(s) to an individual student.
  • Post all grades – post all graded submissions to all students.

Grades that have been posted will be indicated as such.

Posting Grades


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