New Ultra Feature Considerations

New or Improved Features Available in Ultra

Once your course is in Ultra, consider whether you would like to implement these features in your course:

Tracking Attendance: While attendance tracking was a present feature in the Original Course View, Ultra has improved upon this function by making it more user-friendly.

Alert Settings: Receive notifications when a student becomes inactive and/or has a grade that falls below the level you identify to monitor students and notify them (and you!) if they aren't meeting these performance thresholds.

Class Conversations: Enable a chat where students may ask questions and discuss an assignment or test. Instructors are encouraged to monitor this chat and assist when needed.

Forced Sequence: This feature requires students to cover modules in a specified order.  Subsequent modules are not accessible until the current module has been completed by the student.

Release Conditions: Availability of content or assessments to either the class, an individual student, or groups of students based on conditions that must be met such as a specific date and time or academic performance achieved on a graded activity.

Complete/Incomplete Grading Option: Ultra provides an improved Complete–Incomplete Grading Schema.  This can be used for things such as an activity or a Class Introductions Discussion that is not graded but where tracking completion is desired.

Microsoft Teams: Host virtual class meetings in Microsoft Teams for enhanced course integration.

Collaborative Document Needs: Create a shared document where students in your shell may edit and make contributions in real-time. Supports the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Add your syllabus to the course using Embedded Cloud Document (changes can be made to syllabus directly in the course without changing the original document saved on your computer)

For tests given in your course, consider the items listed below:

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