Release Conditions

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Release Conditions

Ultra allows content or graded activities to be released to students based on one of a variety of conditions:Release Condition Options

  • Members:  content is released to all users in the shell or, if desired, only to select members or select groups.  
  • Date/Time:  content is released once a specified date or time has been reached.
  • Performance:  content is released once a specified score is earned on the assignment identified.

Special Note about Release Conditions Based on Performance

If the release condition is based on the successful completion of a graded activity, please note, the content item for which the release condition is set will not become accessible to the student even after the performance criteria has been met UNTIL the score has been posted to the Gradebook.  If the graded activity the release condition is based on is automatically graded by Blackboard, then it is recommended the Post Assessment Grades Automatically setting be checked in the graded activity's setting to not impede students' access to the content item.

Post Assessment Grades Automatically

Release Conditions can be set for:

  • Content Items including modules, folders, links, documents, or collaborative documents
  • Graded activities including assignments, discussions, journals, and assessments.


Setting Release Conditions

Setting Release Conditions is done from the same drop-down menu where content is made visible to students or kept hidden from students.

Release Conditions Drop Down Option


Determining When Content is Visible



Release Conditions When Will Content Appear



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