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Perceptive Content Account Deactivation Request

General Information

To increase security and usability, Perceptive Content user accounts of current employees that are no longer required (due to changes in position or duties) and accounts of former employees are deactivated. Deactivated accounts cannot be logged into unless reactivated, but will not be deleted.

For accounts of former employees that are deactivated, the account will retain its group memberships for a period of one year to ease copying permissions. After one year of inactivity, group memberships are fully removed.

For users that have changed positions but are still employed at CMU in some capacity, you may specify drawer, workflow or other permissions to remove (e.g. "remove all FAS permissions") instead of deactivating the account.

The Perceptive Content administration team will deactivate accounts or remove requested permissions within 2 business days of the access expiration date specified. You will be notified when this security change has occured.


All staff


There is currently no charge for this service

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