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Digital Signage Request

General Information

Digital Signage is available in many buildings on CMU’s main campus and distributed locations. Components of this service include:

  • Requesting approval to display content on an existing digital sign (content is subject to approval prior to display and requirements/standards vary by department)
  • Requesting a new digital sign in your college or department

Locations of digital signs:
  • CMU Health - Saginaw
  • CMU Research Laboratory
  • College of Education & Human Services
  • College of Health Professions
  • College of Medicine
  • Park Library
  • Saginaw Education Building


All faculty, staff, and students.


There is no charge for adding content to a digital signs rotation. The cost to add a digital sign installation to a college or department will be identified with the requestor after the review of digital signage equipment, standards, and options.