Duo Security MFA: Adding or Changing an MFA Device

If you have not yet enrolled in Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), please follow our multi-factor authentication setup knowledge base article first

No longer have access to your old device?

If you need help activating a new device (like a new phone), but you no longer have access to a device that's enrolled in Duo Security MFA and associated with your account, you have two options available to restore your access to your Global ID account:

If you still have access to your old device (or another device) still enrolled in Duo MFA

Adding a New Device to Your Duo Security MFA

  1. Ensure you're not already logged in, then visit https://www.cmich.edu/centrallink
    • Tip: You can use an Incognito / Private browsing tab to make sure you are not logged in

      NOTE: You must NOT be connected to the network on CMU's main Mt. Pleasant campus to receive an MFA prompt. Disconnecting your cell phone from Wi-Fi and using cellular data is a great way to do do this if you are on campus.
  2. Log in using your Global ID and password when prompted
  3. You should see the Duo Security MFA confirmation page. Instead of signing in, click Settings and choose Add a new device
Click the Settings "pancake" menu to view options Click Add a new device
  1. You will be prompted again to confirm your MFA method before adding a new device. Do so now
    • NOTE: If you do not have the old device, or if you don't have access to the Duo Mobile app on the old device, please contact the Help Desk at (989) 774-3662 for assistance.
  2. Choose the type of device you wish to add. Most people should choose Mobile phone here, but you can also specify a secondary MFA device, such as an iPad
Choose the type of device to add. Most people will choose Mobile phone here
  1. If you chose to add a mobile phone, enter your phone number
Enter your phone number, then continue to the Duo Mobile app to authorize the device
  1. When prompted, choose to continue to the Duo Mobile app to complete setup within the app
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CMU faculty and staff are required to use Duo Mobile MFA.