Global ID: How-to - Change Global ID Password and Security Question

How do I change my Global ID password?

  1. Navigate to and sign in with your current Global ID and password
  2. Click the Change My Password link
  3. Enter the accounts current password in the Current Password field
  4. Enter a new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields
  5. Click the Submit button to save the password change


Password Requirements for a Global ID

Central Michigan University is committed to providing the best possible balance between technological accessibility and security. Toward this aim, it is necessary to require that passwords meet certain criteria in order to ensure the security and integrity of technological infrastructure, as well as the safety of your personal information. Central Michigan University is dedicated to your privacy, and considers stewardship of confidential personal information an institutional core value.

You can reset your password at

New or changed passwords must meet one of the following minimum requirements, based on character length:

  •  Passwords of 10 - 11 characters with mixed case letters (A-Z and a-z) , numbers (0-9) , and symbols (!, #, $, %, etc.):
  •  Passwords of 12 - 15 characters with mixed case letters (A-Z and a-z) and numbers (0-9):
  •  Passwords of 16 - 19 characters with mixed case letters (A-Z and a-z):
  •  Passwords of at least 20 characters in length (no extra complexity required)

These rules apply for all passwords:

  • Spaces are NOT allowed at the end of a password
  • Passwords must NOT match any of your 3 previous passwords

Reminder: Do not use old passwords. Do not use your password anywhere else.


How do I set a Security Question for a Global ID?

  1. Navigate to and sign in with your Global ID and password
  2. Click the Change My Security Question link
  3. Select an option from the Select a security question section
  4. Enter an answer to the selected question in the Question Answer field, and then re-enter in the Confirm Answer field
  5. Click the Submit button to save the answer. A confirmation box will appear to indicate that the question was updated correctly


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