The AI Design Assistant


The AI Design Assistant helps you to generate images, rubrics, test questions, and even learning modules for your course.


This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Using the AI Design Assistant

A unique feature of our new Learning Management System, Blackboard Ultra, is the integration of an AI Design Assistant.  This tool showcases a practical approach to aid faculty in the ever-evolving academic environment. Used at the discretion of faculty, the AI Design Assistant helps streamline the course design process, making it less time-consuming and more efficient.

The AI Design Assistant is particularly beneficial in a time where faculty are expected to do more with fewer resources. By providing suggested design templates and instructional tools, it eases the operational burden on the faculty. This, in turn, allows them to allocate more time towards meaningful interactions with students which is the core of effective teaching and learning.

It's crucial to note that the AI Design Assistant is not intended to replace faculty expertise and interaction with students. These are only suggestions and must be reviewed and edited by faculty to ensure accuracy and appropriateness. It does act as a support mechanism to augment the design aspects of instruction, allowing faculty to focus on delivering a richer educational experience. The tool is a testament to Ultra's understanding of maintaining the balance between leveraging technology and preserving the invaluable human element in education as all suggestions draw only on course materials and faculty must approve each addition individually.  The features of the AI Design assistant are not available to students.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Design Assistant

Creating a new course from nothing can be a time-consuming task that involves a lot of repetitive work.  The AI Design Assistant helps you build your course and save you time. You can use advanced AI to help create learning modules, make rubrics, create question banks, and add images.

At all steps in the creation process, you’re able to adjust the complexity of content and customize everything that the AI Design Assistant generates. You can even use the AI Design Assistant to give your course a unique look to better engage your students by generating keywords to search Unsplash's gallery of stock photos. See Adding a Course Banner to learn more about adding a banner to your course.

In response to prioritizing lawful, ethical, and responsible use of AI, Anthology (Blackboard's parent company), has established Trustworthy AI principles centered on:

  • humans in control,
  • fairness,
  • privacy,
  • security, and
  • safety.

To learn more see Anthology's Trustworthy AI Principles

To learn more on how to use the AI tools, see:



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