Reuse Test Questions

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Reuse Questions Overview

You can reuse questions and other content from all existing tests, assignments, and question banks in your course. You can also copy question banks from other courses and import questions from a file into your course to add to your assessments. 

On the Reuse Questions page, you can browse, preview, filter, and select questions created or imported into your course. You can view the questions, but you can't make edits until you copy the questions to your assessment. You can also reuse other content you added to assessments, such as text blocks, files, images, and videos.  Questions added to a test via Reuse Questions are not randomized and are presented to students in the order shown on the test (they can be re-ordered using the drag and drop feature).  If randomized questions are desired, use instead questions pulled from a Question Pool.

You can't reuse questions when these settings or conditions exist:

  • You've added a rubric to your assessment.
  • You've chosen to collect submissions offline.
  • Students have opened the assessment.

Also, you can't reuse text blocks or files if you chose to randomize questions.

Follow the instructions below or watch the video to learn more.

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In an assessment, select the purple plus sign wherever you want to reuse questions or assessment content, and then select Reuse questions.

Reuse Questions

On the Reuse Questions page, select the assessments, question banks, and question types you want to browse:

Question Pool Selection Options


Filtering Panel

On the Reuse Questions page, the Filter Criteria panel is open by default and all questions and assessment content appear in the active filter area on the right. The active filter area changes automatically as you select or clear criteria. You can expand and collapse sections.

The information at the top of the panel shows how many total items appear to choose from. If you make selections in the Filter Criteria panel, the number appears above the panel next to Filter. Select the X to collapse the panel and increase the area to view content. Select Filter to open the panel.

On small devices, the Filter Criteria panel is closed by default.

Select the assessments, question banks, question types, and tags you want to browse. Empty sources, question types, or tags are filtered out.

The Question Banks and Tags sections are only populated with you convert Original courses or import Original question pools or other resources.

Text and files you added to your assessments appear in the Question Types section as Other.

Reuse questions panel open highlighting everything in the Filter panel


In the Filter Criteria panel, you can perform a basic search by keyword. After you type one keyword, another field appears. Each applicable keyword may increase the number of results. Results include singular and plural forms of a word and tenses such as -ing and -ed. Partial word and "contains" logic won't work with this basic search.

Reuse questions filter panel open highlighting the keyword search section.

You can expand questions and content to view them. You can't edit the content or the point values until you copy the items into an assessment. Questions with goal alignments appear with trophy icons next to the point values. Goal alignments copy with the questions.

Select the check boxes for the questions and assessment content you want to copy. You can view how many items you've selected at the bottom of the screen.

Select Clear All to clear the check boxes in the Sources section. If you already chose some items to copy, those items are still ready to copy. In the active filter area, clear the check boxes for the questions and assessment content you no longer want to copy. You can also use Select All and Clear All to choose all and remove all questions.

Reuse questions filter panel open highlighting the clear all option

Select Copy Questions. The questions and assessment content are copied to your test or assignment. In the assessment, you receive a notification: X questions copied successfully to the assessment.

Success message indicating questions copied to the test

You can edit the copies in your assessment without concern. Other assessments aren't affected. Changes you make to one instance of the question or content aren't reflected in the other instances. If you want changes to show in all instances, you must find and edit each copied instance.

Expand Questions and Content

You can expand questions and content to view them.

Edit view of a test showing the matching question before and after it is expanded.

To view the questions available, select an Assessment or a Question Bank from those provided in the list.  Expand a question to view it in its entirety. You cannot edit questions or change point values until after they have been added to an assessment question pool.

Viewing Questions Available in a Question Pool


Select the checkboxes next to the questions you want to add or Select All if all questions are desired, then select Copy Questions.  As you make selections, the relevant questions and assessment content appear in the active filter area.

Selecting Questions to Reuse

After you’ve copied your questions, you can edit the copies in your new assessment and adjust point value per question.

Editing Reuse Questions

Double-Click on the point value pill to open the Extra Credit option and designate a question as extra credit points.

Extra Credit Option on Reuse Question


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