Add Questions to a Test

This guide pertains to Ultra Course View.

If your course is in Original Course View, see the Original Course View tutorial collection.


Adding Test Questions

When you create a new test, select the purple plus to open the menu and select a question type. You can also reuse questions and content from existing assessments.  You can also generate test questions based on content within the course using AI-Generated Test Questions.

See how Page Breaks can be used to create sections within an assessment or group-related questions together.  If you add questions to a test, you can't enable anonymous or parallel grading.  

This is how the expanded Add question type menu looks like when you’re creating a new test.

The Test Content area opens where you type the question and answer choices if required, such as for Multiple-Choice questions. Questions have a default value of 1 point. Select the Points box to type a new value.

Expanded Insert menu and points value for question number one in a test.


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